Free from the Stronghold of Facetiousness

Facetiousness, like many other strongholds begins as a thought which may become a habit. A facetious stronghold is one of the most hidden strongholds because it is sanctioned by the world and worldly thinking. We may enjoy a laugh or two at the expense of another without even being aware that this spirit has taken up residence.

Castell Harlech - - 1215326When discovered, this stronghold could rise up and invite other strongholds to protect itself. Before it gives up its domain, facetiousness may invite strongholds of denial, defense, arrogance, spite, criticism, and many others.

In the guise of resembling humor, facetiousness in a host may gain credibility and continue on for years without the host or anyone else seeing the true destroyer behind the host’s words. These words treat serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor. Continue reading

Free from the Stronghold of Sarcasm

Joy of Laziness!

Joy of Laziness! (Photo credit: Joe Athialy)

Sarcasm and laziness walk hand in hand before a stronghold of sarcasm is established. One of the easiest ways to hurt an offender is to stab out with our words. However, we take comfort in thinking that there is little or limited physical consequences of using sarcasm, and as a result, we use this weapon over and over again until it becomes a habit leading to a stronghold.

When we use our mouths to tear down, or destroy someone, we are blocking ourselves from the steps it might take to tackle a problem with the right actions and words. Proverbs 26:16 A lazy person thinks he is wiser than seven people who give a sensible answer. Continue reading

Free from the Stronghold of Rivalry

Rivalry and jealousy walk hand in hand. We see a competitor succeeding and we begin to have thoughts of anguish in one way or another. Some of these thoughts of anguish are jealousy thoughts, some are fearful thoughts, some are greed thoughts, and much more. When a spirit of rivalry comes into our thoughts, our thought-life gets complicated.

The Exhortation to the Apostles

The Exhortation to the Apostles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If these thoughts are not checked immediately they can and will lead to a stronghold that will bring us down completely. We can lose more than our businesses when we give ourselves over to the stronghold of rivalry.

Rivalry is a thief. When we become obsessed with its dominion we are headed down a path to destruction. A spirit of rivalry will take our peace, it will kill our ambition, and it will destroy our relationships. This spirit or stronghold will steal our future. Continue reading

Free from the Stronghold of Imaginings

Before we can destroy or remove a stronghold from our lives we must recognize what the stronghold is. In this case, imaginings. Imaginings: The ideas, stories, etc. that are thought of in your mind but that are not true or real or things you imagine may take place or may have taken place that may or may not be real.

NYC - Metropolitan Museum of Art - The Vision ...

NYC – Metropolitan Museum of Art – The Vision of Saint John (Photo credit: wallyg)

So how do imaginings become a stronghold? We know that when we create in any way, we need to imagine the project first. The bible talks about visions as a first step in a calling or mission, as in: Habakkuk 2:2-3 “Write the vision. Make it clear on tablets so that anyone can read it quickly. The vision will still happen at the appointed time. It hurries toward its goal. It won’t be a lie. If it’s delayed, wait for it. It will certainly happen. It won’t be late. So, why are imaginings so bad and how can they become a stronghold? Continue reading

Free from the Stronghold of Generational Disease

Four Generations of Cotters!

Four Generations of Cotters! (Photo credit: cacaye)

Have you ever wondered why certain sicknesses run in families? Have we accepted this phenomenon as a fact of life? What does God say about these things? A generational disease is simply put, a curse on our bodies. Luke 13:16 And ought not this woman, a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan has kept bound for eighteen years, be loosed from this bond on the Sabbath day? Notice that this verse says, “Satan has kept in bondage.”

The major qualifications for disease could at times be imprinted into our DNA, but more than likely this imprinting does not necessarily have to result in disease. What are diseases and why do we seem to inherent them from our ancestors? Continue reading